MicroSort Cyprus

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MicroSort Alternative Technologies

Upon request, euroCARE IVF performs the ‘swim-up’ method for gender selection — which is similar to MicroSort technologies. Our expert embryologist uses this sperm sorting procedure method which is approximately 70 percent accurate in sorting the sperm into male and female batches.  The ‘predominantly’ male or female batch is then used to fertilize the eggs.

Sperm Spinning for Gender Selection

The swim-up for gender selection is almost identical to the Percoll method: separation of X and Y-sperm is the result of the standard technique used to isolate motile sperm for use in reproductive medicine.

Our clinic also performs PGS technologies for gender selection options.

Destination Parenthood — Swim-Up Method

  1. Semen is placed in a test tube; in some cases, it is previously washed and centrifuged.
  2. A culture medium is carefully placed on top of the semen. The medium is a hospitable environment for the sperm, and healthy sperm will swim up into it. Slow and immotile sperm are left behind, along with most debris in the semen.
  3. The test tube is let stand an hour or so; in some cases it is placed at an angle, and/or in an incubator.
  4. In the standard procedure, the top layer is collected for use. In the modified swim-up technique for attempted male gender selection, a small fraction of the top layer is first discarded. This practice is based on the theory that
    • a small fraction of X-sperm are the fastest of all,
    • next fastest are the Y-sperm, and
    • slowest are the majority of X-sperm. The modified swim-up attempted to discard that first group of fast X-sperm.
  5. Finally, the portion retained for use may be washed and centrifuged again.

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