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euroCARE IVFAt the most prominent IVF clinic in North Cyprus, euroCARE IVF, is providing an egg donor program known for meeting the highest standards.

Our egg donor program has outstanding pregnancy success rates.

Our team comprises of world renowned experts in the field of reproductive medicine. Our leading team of specialists go above and beyond your expectations to offer you total care on your journey to parenthood.

Planning for Egg Donation

Egg donation at euroCARE IVF  is a viable fertility treatment for:

— Age related infertility

— Hormonal irregularities that inhibit normal egg production

— Eggs that are unsuitable as a result of genetic disease

— Women who have healthy ovaries and a regular menstrual cycle but do not respond well to fertility medications

— Women who have not become pregnant with other assisted reproductive technologies for a significant period of time

— Family building option for gay individuals or couples

Our egg donor program offers one of the most diverse egg donor databases in North Cyprus. Our egg donors are thoroughly screened to ensure the eggs supplied are healthy and fertile.

These generous women are primarily recruited among university students although, before being accepted, they undergo strict health testing and personal interviews in order to select donors with exceptional egg quality, free from sexually transmitted diseases and without a family history of hereditary diseases.

Destination Parenthood – Egg Donation at euroCARE IVF

STEP 1 | Synchronization

The menstrual cycles of the intended mother and egg donor need to be in sync at the beginning of treatment. This allows the donor to begin taking follicle stimulating hormones to encourage the ovaries to produce more eggs than normal and the intended mother to begin medication to prepare the uterus for the embryo transfer procedure.

Your fertility specialists at euroCARE will monitor the egg development and schedule the egg retrieval after the eggs have matured.

STEP 2 | Egg Retrieval

When the donor’s eggs have matured and the cycles are corresponding, our elite IVF doctors will perform an egg retrieval from the donor.

The retrieval is an outpatient, same day surgical procedure to retrieve the eggs. Intravenous anesthesia is used to assure the donor is comfortable throughout the 30 minute procedure. During the retrieval, an ultrasound probe is introduced into the donor’s vagina and an aspirating needle is used to retrieve the mature eggs from the follicles.

STEP 3 | Fertilization

The mature eggs are then placed in a culture dish in preparation for fertilization with the male partner’s sperm or with donated sperm. Recipients will receive a phone call from the embryologist the day after the retrieval to inform them of how many eggs were retrieved and how many fertilized.

STEP 4 | Embryo Transfer

Transfers are performed 3 or 5 days after the egg retrieval. The doctor will gently deposit the embryos in the uterus via a small catheter that is threaded through the cervix.

How do I Select an Egg Donor?

We have a diverse selection of egg donors in our database from a variety of backgrounds. With an extensive selection to choose from, our egg donation program can match you with an egg donor that is the best fit for your family.

Selecting an Egg Donor is a decision that is new to anyone whose doctor has suggested this is one of their most hopeful options for conception.

Donors can be selected by the following criteria: personal characteristics, ethnic background, height, weight, hair color, eye color, and blood type.

Our modernized reproductive center and high-tech IVF laboratory at euroCARE IVF Center is providing affordable fertility care and trailblazing IVF options.

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