• Why Should You Choose North Cyprus for IVF
    Why Should You Choose North Cyprus for IVF

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North Cyprus IVF Clinic

Infertility is a disease – a perplexing disease that affects 1 in 8 couples. if you have been diagnosed, you are not alone.

At North Cyprus Fertility Clinic, we have given thousands of patients the gift of fertility — and the magnificent and rewarding ability to have a baby. Our committed IVF doctors understand the emotional hardships that accompany infertility issues. We work hands on with our patients to diagnose the problem and utilize the best treatment for individual cases.

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  • “very good service, extremely helpful and informative... ”

  • “We want to say thank you to Amy for her efficiency. We have been impressed by the professionalism, the efficiency and the kindness of everybody at North Cyprus IVF...”

  • “The staff at the clinic were very friendly and made us feel at ease, if we needed anything or any information about what was happening help was at hand...”

    Y Richards
  • Dr. Savas Ozyigit

    Dr. Savas Ozyigit
    Director and Chief IVF Specialist

    Dr. Ozyigit has a reputation for success, world-renowned for his aggresive style of patient care and high success rates, understands that patients have unique circumstances and challenges and works hard to meet their goals.
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Exceeding Your Expectations

No detail is too small. No experience is too grand. North Cyprus IVF Clinic provides you the ultimate family building experience. We create one-of-a-kind experiences that are exceeding expectations.

About North Cyprus

While undergoing advanced treatments at North Cyprus IVF, patients can discover the rich culture and natural beauty that characterizes the region.

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